300 Answers - This was the last song written and the last song recorded, but with all that it still seems to be the defining piece on the record. One place the music has been and another place it's going. A twist in the wind blew through me - and cut the cord that bound me home. Cold as an old December - cold as in air that ice had known. Then the moon fell sudden and accident'ly - with shattered sight it shot the sea. And now I have a hundred questions - you think the night might answer me?

Torn in Two - It's a pop song.... When you change sides you will be alone - and I won't mind seeing that you're gone. Except in the morning and evening - til the night when I fall in my bed. I've been awake for far too long - been awake and I am torn. Where life is fair all is as it seems. My hope lives there only as a dream. I walk through this world just waiting and hear a lullaby in every song. Been awake for far too long - been awake and I am torn. Find me sleeping so serenely. Pull the blanket tight around me and call the angels to my slumber (land) - at least there life ain't so cruel - at least there I'm not torn in two.....

Deny You - Andy gets to play some Mellotron, and it's all over in a heartbeat. And when you walk through that broken door there'll be a cloud that'll wear my name and I won't look, I won't see I'll be silent willingly And in the midst of this friendly fog will be a book just a little less long and you won't be written yet never talked to, never met Forgive the lack of a sullen stare a curse or a look to kill there's no one left to say your name nothing ventured, nothing gained nothing but the sound of rain Will I deny you? The winter or the spring could I deny you anything? It gets a little bit darker just a little bit darker and a little bit sad sad so sad No one left to say your name nothing'll ever be the same nothing but the sound of rain Will I deny you? The winter or the spring could I deny you anything?

I'll Believe - Dave's favorite tune on the record. JD calls it "the music of my people" - Rick Buckner lends his magical rumble to this one.... What rumour's reached you now to take a hold and take you down room it looks like hell but it's home to me - I'll believe Darling don't be cross just wrap up what we've already lost and give it like a gift to loneliness - I'll believe And still it's all the same if lightnin were to strike again - I'll believe so dream of joe or john while I go put the coffee on and you might wake up glad to see this world again - I'll believe

Simple Arithmetic - A fun little tune about the possibility of mutual assured destruction. And a few other things.... Used to think I knew the sound - a bomb would blast and rip the ground - for each of us a star would fall - life has never seemed so real. And there it stood exposed to air - the light behind the sky laid bare - look too close there's nothing there - life has never seemed so real. What do you want from me? - I've forgotten all my one plus two makes three - While I'm fast asleep - I'm dreaming I am dreaming of waking - All night long my hands are shaking - how long?

Mary Come Lately - Dave had a tune, George Usher had some words and a chorus, and Syd Straw came and sang on it.... Mary puts on evening clothes when her haunted uncle goes coastal for the night stumbling down a winding hill where the wind is keeping still waiting for an eye to close Mary come lately is frightened by morning Mary wanders to the street where the worried lovers meet and she's less than lost She hears in the mother tongue every shanty ever sung on the old stone bridge Mary come lately is frightened by morning Whispers of the only world she knows Mary's taking off her rags the uncle unpacks his bags lamplight burns below

She Says - First it was called "Angel Saint Future Faint", but now it's not. Even as the song was being born, Dave heard Jeb Loy Nichols singing the ending....and that's John Harborne from the Fellow Travelers playing trombone...... (she says) I'm no angel, I'm no saint this may be the news that saves you all your roses, they're so sweet though incomplete the love I gave you. (she says) Throw the roses in the sea just like me they grow so fragile damage done by second hand it's proper and not supernatural. She says nothing can redeem her I say different my dear She sees nothing, sees her future faint I see a brighter day (she says) I'm no angel, I'm no saint turns her face away so I say You're my angel I have no saint better late than never called at all.

Three Trips to Heaven and Back - Schramms go sorta Latin, I guess. The rhythm just sorta happened this way from the outset..... First one came to me (I never wanted company) staring hollow-eyed, carrying a bible dissolution was tattooed on his perfect brow, said the mystery will confuse you even more (and more) Second followed me, writing down my history filling notebooks and rehearsing his denial his solution was pull it down, just pull it down said the mystery will begin where we began (began) Third one was the worst cause when I returned everything was as it should be but there's no siren singing here by the open door

Yesterday Falls Away - A musical cousin of "She Gets The Message" in a way. With a nod the Brian Wilson somewhere along the way.... Train your heart to walk with the wind and shadows pointing the way and call it an adventure. The hardest part - it's not the future that you see through your glass - all you see is yesterday today. Say my name and I'll be your saint and sinner - keep me in a vault locked up tight and lonely. It's not the same - it's not what you're thinkin. I remember it right. You want yesterday today - today. But yesterday falls away. my sister taught me how to play - we laughed a lot but she eventually went away so I forgot and all this time I've longed to see what it meant to me. who wants yesterday today - yesterday

I Know It's Mine - Recorded live to two-track with once again the happy addition of Mr. Buckner. Jon plays the guting guitar solo..... There is a word that she tries on and no ordinary purpose underneath it lies And there is a word that I will hear with a bright and shiny surface to my untrained eye "always" sounds so sweet "forever" has that same beat And there is word that she tries on with a bright and shiny surface and I know it's mine.

Mailbox - A full band version of the song that appeared on Dave's solo disc from '99 "Hammer and Nails"........ There's a letter sitting in my mailbox unopened and unread. It says, I know, says you're gonna go. I have fallen out of your favor. I might as well be dead. The things I've known I no longer know. And the view from here comes in loud and clearing now. There's a letter sitting in my mailbox unopened and unread. It says I know... And the view from here comes in loud and clearing now. And the dress she wore made of red and yellow...


01 june 2004